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Excardon Posted by Excardon on 09-Nov-12 at 7:50 am 0 Comments

Halo Reach Junkies are having Tryouts!

     The time is finally here, fellow Junkians. The next saga in our legacy is now in full effect. How do you plan to participate? How do you plan to contribute? More importantly, who do you plan to represent? Here’s your opportunity to be a part of what was once at the pinnacle of Halo communities. A community that’s always prided itself in a well-mannered, disciplined, elite team that’s had fun ever since the early days of Halo 2. A team that’s always adapts to whatever situation presents itself. A team to be feared and a team that puts fun before winning. A team that’s created unbreakable bonds, ties of friendship that have extended to real life comradery. With your help, this community can thrive again. With your help, this community can be renowned again. With your help, this community can be legendary again.

     So, I ask again, how do you plan to spend this time full of opportunities? I and others are offering the chance for you to take a seat on the Halo Reach Junkies official team. The opportunity to gain friendship and skills that can’t be obtained by casual, social matchmaking.

     Everyone’s position from the current Halo 3 Junkies roster is at stake. So don’t think that you don’t have a chance at joining. In order to be a successful team, the Halo Reach Junkies needs members that are going to be dedicated as much as skillful, enjoyable to be around in addition to being an asset to the team. We are a BTB style team. It is very important that everyone on the team meshes well together as there’ll be as many as five to eight people present on the team during a match.

This is the current Junkies roster:

Oh Hai sNiped
Co2 Outbr3ak
Cx3 Grunty
Energy Reborn

     Here’s what you need to do in order to get on the above list: You need to be at least 17 years old. The Junkies requires a great amount of maturity, and while we're fully aware that there are very mature, young teens out there, we need as professional of a face representing the community as possible. There’s going to be two tryout dates. You only need attend at least one. The first night will be on Saturday, October 2nd at 10:00pm Central. The second night is on Sunday, October 3rd at 9pm Central. I’ll say this again; you only need to attend one of the two nights. However, you’re more than welcome to attend both nights if you’re able. This will also give us a better chance to evaluate your performance, thereby, increasing your chances of making the team. During these nights, we will be playing 4v4 style games, objective and slayer mix. “Hey, you said this is a BTB style team!” Yes, I know. Here’s why we’re running smaller lobbies for tryouts: It takes considerable effort to keep an eye on everyone and properly determine a player’s traits. So, for our purposes, we’re taking note of skills that exist in both 4v4 and 8v8 games. Larger team tactics will come with time and practice.

These are the things we’ll be looking for during tryouts:

Teamwork - Like CDR Carter said, “You can leave that lone wolf stuff behind.” The Junkies doesn’t have a place for someone that doesn’t work with others.
Communication - With the advent of being able to speak while you’re dead, unlike H2, there’s no reason not to aid the team in sharing where the enemy is. “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”
Attitude - Morale is an essential asset in winning a game. The Junkies won’t take complainers or super serious egotistics that will forgo what the team needs to satisfy self.
Player Skill - We're looking for people that can hold their own. We're also willing to overlook skill if a player meets all of the above requirements. We can always work with people and help them get better.
Availability - Most matches take place on weekend nights, usually around 9pm or 10pm Central, and we have at least one practice night a week (Tuesday nights in the past, at the same time.) If you cannot make yourself available during the majority of these times, then please do not attempt to tryout. All your above qualities are for naught if you’re not dependable.
Must be a registered user of the H3J forums - This is the HQ of all Junkies Team communication. It’s easy to sign up. There’s no excuse not to. This place is great anyway, so why aren’t you signed up already?

     After tryouts, we’ll spend a few days collaborating thoughts of player performance and go through an extensive selection process. Everyone will need to keep an eye on their inboxes for follow up correspondence. In approximately a week’s time, you should receive a PM stating whether or not you were chosen to represent the team and by extension, the community. If you did not make the team, you’ll also receive some constructive comments that will help you improve your game and give yourself a better chance of succeeding in the next tryouts.

“So what do I do now?”

     If after all this banter you’re still interested in joining this “Coalition of Cool,” this “Alliance of Awesome,” then please make your way over to THIS THREAD and post your: Gamertag you’ll be playing with, and which day(s) you plan to attend. (This includes all current standing members.) Also, feel free to post any questions in the same thread, or you can PM me or xNsane.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and interest. I hope to see a big turnout, and I hope to breathe life back into the community.

This is the spark to ignite the flame. Be an ember with us.

xJCross Posted by xJCross on 19-Sep-10 at 12:50 am 0 Comments

Update - May 24th, 2009

It's been a while since our last update so we want you, the faithful member, here to know officially what is going on around here.

1)' Signature Designer is now free to all members.

In light of us removing all of our stats, we have allowed global access to our signature designer. You might be asking yourself, "How can this work when the stats have been removed from the site?" The answer is we now pull directly from's career stats page, and since we do not house any information, your signatures will update when's does!

2) no longer provides player stats, game viewer, or leaderboards.

When this issue was addressed in the last update, we weren't sure if we'd bring them back or not. Since then, we decided not to do so and removed the detailed stats and will no longer be providing detailed statistical information to our members.

3) The Halo 3 Junkies team has been disbanded.

I've been getting a few questions from other people about the team as of late. This was already addressed in the Junkies' news forum. If the team will ever resume activities, you'll see a post here about it first.

4) administration team will unfortunately not be participating in Halo community events.

While we are honestly flattered every time we are offered a spot in a multi-community activity; we can not commit to any said date for anything anymore or assist in any type of project, tournament, league, etc. After 3+ years of heavy involvement within the Halo community, we are kind of burned out and are simply getting back to casual online gaming. This is not to say we aren't going to play with you if you send an invite, just simply that we can not commit time out of our ever-changing lives to show up to or coordinate an online event.

5) moved to a new server a few weekends ago. is saving some serious cash and also it seems to be more stable. Due to all the downsizing this fits perfectly. Donations are always welcome, however we are happy to say we aren't hurting for them like we used to.

In short, there are some big changes that have occurred within the last month that greatly downsized from what it was back in its hay day. We've re-evaulted our stance and decided that smaller is better.

~ oi1, Indutiomarus, Excardon, xATHENAx, and M0NKEYNUTZ

Excardon Posted by Excardon on 24-May-09 at 1:12 pm 42 Comments

Website update 02-21-2009


Website update

As most of the regulars already know, we (H3J) have been suffering from some financial difficulties these last few months. Our donations and new memberships have dropped off probably due to the wanning popularity of Halo 3. We all knew that someday things would change and sadly that day draws near. I can tell you for a fact that we are not shutting down H3J but we are considering some major changes. We are not prepared to announce anything at this time but we will soon.

My plea for help was answered strongly last month with a ton of donations, and we are very grateful for that, but it's not enough. We are caught up for now but it will only happen again next billing cycle. The problem is real simple, since we collect every game for every member, we have outgrown our ability to manage it efficiently. Our coding Admins (Indutiomarus and Oi1) don't have the time to dedicate to the site to resolve the problems. Our storage space is limited and our servers are not able to keep up anymore. The more new members we add, the slower the site gets.

As a result of this, we have closed new memberships until further notice.

Current members may still add gamertags (that they own) but we will not be accepting new members anymore.  

Something has to give.

We do not want to close the website. Even though many of us are burned out on Halo3, the community that has grown here is still very important to us. Personally, I don't know what I would do without the forums. We all have friendships that were spawned here and continue to grow each day. Our inner core of "regulars" know exactly what I'm talking about. They are the glue that binds this site together and because of them, we want to keep this going.

The point of this thread is to let you guys know that all of  you are very important to the staff here at H3J and we have no plans to dissolve the website. Our community here is stronger than some game stat collection we built the site for in the first place.

Stats are no longer collected

For now, we may be able to get your games and we may not. We have so many little problems that it's very inconsistent and is not predictable at all. If we get your games then consider yourself lucky. For some, we may never get their games. I'm sorry but that's the ugly truth. Other issues such as tweaks, upgrades, new features are not going to happen. It is what it is. We are not able to provide the quality of service that we once did. Sadly, there is nothing that can be done about it. H3J as you know is at a dead end but don't despair, we have a plan to keep the site alive and still be able to provide some kind of service for free. The forums will not be affected.


What's going to happen next?

All I can tell you is that hopefully we can reveal our plan soon. Please don't ask us about it because we will not leak any details until the time is right. We ask for your support and more importantly, your patience.

What if I finally donate? Will that be enough?

Any donation is welcome and will help with the bills but unfortunately, it's like putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound. It's simply not enough and never will be. We have gotten too big. The life of the website is determined by more than just it's income.

On a personal note:

As one of the very first Oi1 created website members, I have seen a lot of changes. I've seen people come and people go. I've dealt with assholes, cheaters, nice guys, random nubs, friends and regulars for a few years now and I wouldn't change a thing. This franchise has given me many new friends and a means to escape the stress of everyday life. I've watched it grow from a pet project that Oi1 created for fun into a monster stat collection site with a heart. The community and friendships born here have been a big part of my life and I am grateful and consider myself very lucky for the opportunity to be here. I hope as an Admin I have fulfilled my duties accordingly and that I'm regarded as an Admin that was stern but fair. I've always held the website first and I always tried to treat others the way I wished to be treated. I wasn't always right and I didn't always have all of the answers but I can promise you that I always tried to do the right thing. I've tried to fill the role of H3J mentor and I've always tried to keep everyone's spirits up through laughter. Again, I don't know what I would do without this website and my friends here. I cherish it all. From the Dark Side Letters, late night poopage sessions with my closest friends, Admin vs. Junkie Christmas matches, answering tech support questions (even though they've been asked dozens of time before), laughing at what you guys can come up with in the forums, wanting to flame someone but holding back because it's not the right thing to do, looking for anything funny to post to keep the heartbeat going and of course the fun we have in the chat rooms. It's all equally important to me and I love it all.


Thank you to my fellow Admins and especially Brandon (oi1) for your gift of these websites. Thank you to my friends for your unconditional friendship and thank you to all of the regulars that have made this a better place.


Long live H3J.


M0NKEYNUTZ Posted by M0NKEYNUTZ on 21-Feb-09 at 1:46 pm 56 Comments nominated in the 2008 Best of Halo awards

Over the past few years our good friends over at Second Foundation hosted an annual Halo community awards event which allowed gamers to vote for their favorite Halo related topics and for various community contributors.

This year bs angel, as known as Hawty McBloggy, is holding the event on her website. is thankful and proud to be nominated in the "Best Resource Website" category.

We wish best of luck to all who were nominated!

Excardon Posted by Excardon on 29-Dec-08 at 2:28 pm 0 Comments

The 2008 After Christmas Admin Massacre


The 2008 After Christmas Admin Massacre

This Monday, (December 29th at 7:30PM Pacific), the Halo3 Junkies will face off against the Halo3.Junk Administrators in a friendly contest of skill and wit. The match of Admin vs. Junkies at Christmas is a tradition on our website and is always a fun event filled with joy, laughter and goodwill among friends. 

The rules are simple.

1.- This is a best of  five series with the five Admins each choosing a game-type that will remain a secret until the game starts. 
2.- Since there are only five Admins and ten Junkies, Team Admin has enlisted the help of some mystery ringers... guest. Hopefully they will show because it'll bring some excitement to the match.
3.- Only current Junkie team members, Admins and the secret mystery guest are eligible to participate. 
4.- Teabagging is encouraged.
5.- Have fun!

Team Admin:
1- oi1- The Boss man who can drive the "truck" like none-other.
2- Indutiomarus- Team Admins's token smack talker (even though it's probably in Latin).
3- Excardon- Pretty much the only real threat to the Junkies.
4- xATHENAx- "Hell hath no fury like a womans scorn" 
5- M0NKEYNUTZ- Proving once again that old people really shouldn't play Halo3.

The Halo3 Junkies:
1- DoubleCross2- Will get double bagged before the night is over.
2-AdvancedZero- At some point during the match will hear at least 3 short jokes.
3- SweptbackFlame- Still watching the Canadians play during the match.
4- xNsane- Is still idling in chat
5- AngryWheatThinsObviously hates breakfast foods
6- CX3 Grunty- Shall Grunt where no man has Grunted before
7-Annihil8rMethod- Will have to learn a new method
8- AbsoluteLoki89- Hopefully he won't puke like he did at the LAN
9- TheCrtAttendent- Too busy gathering shopping carts to play
10- I snip3d l- Has an issue with the letter E for some reason

Team Admin cheated it's way to.....pulled off the victory last year and hopefully will rally to the cause once again.

Seriously, we Admins know that there's not even the slightest chance of a victory in a fair fight so steps have been taken to "level the playing field". Once again, this match is just for fun with the main goal being laughter and a good time. If we tried to play fair and square then the match would be over very quickly ending in a slaughter of the Admins. By playing bizarre gametypes, we hope to make it worth the Junkies time to try and overcome the odds. Nobody really cares about the outcome of the match but rather how much fun we have during it. It's all about laughing and having a good time.

Here's a quote from last year's write up:

"The Admins of this site enjoy playing Halo3 as much as anybody but to have a friendly match like this is something that we really look forward to each year. It's a chance to do some wacky games that always draw huge amounts of laughter form both sides. It's also a chance for the Junkies to adapt quickly to games that they ordinarily don't ever see. The results of this match do not count toward the official Junkies record since it's just for fun."

You can read about last year's match by clicking this link--->The Bloodbath after Christmas, 2007.

And this one---> The Official post game write up.


On behalf of Team Admin, we'd like to thank the Junkies for once again being good sports and spending some Halo time with the Admins of this wonderful website.


A full, detailed write up will be posted after the match.

M0NKEYNUTZ Posted by M0NKEYNUTZ on 27-Dec-08 at 12:00 am 15 Comments

Merry Christmas!

We just wanted to briefly take a moment out of our own celebrating to wish all of you a merry Christmas and happy halodays!

 -- The H3J Admins

Indutiomarus Posted by Indutiomarus on 25-Dec-08 at 8:54 am 2 Comments

Website Registrations Reopened

We have reopened registrations.

You may now register new accounts and gamertags in accordance with our Terms of Service.

There are still a few minor issues to deal with, and the cache has to be rebuilt to account for some 20,000 games that are missing from it, but we should be in pretty good shape now. The Spiders are running again and we've caught up with most of the back-log of games.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we thank you for your patience.

M0NKEYNUTZ Posted by M0NKEYNUTZ on 03-Dec-08 at 6:32 am 5 Comments